The Skate People CIC announce the biggest Skating consortium Scotland has ever seen!

The Skate People have taken the lead in joining forces with the much-loved and popular roller disco and events company, Rollerbeats, and the exciting community-based wheeled sports club, Falkirk Wheelers, to create a nation-wide consortium.

United by their purpose: Healthy Bodies + Healthy Minds = Positive Destinations™, the collaboration brings all skating disciplines under one roof — providing a truly unique proposition while focusing on the health and wellbeing of their communities and staff.

The People Before Profits ethos of the consortium means ALL profits generated will be reinvested back into the programmes and communities they serve.

Rollerbeats explained their decision to join:

“We have always had an interest in the health and wellbeing of our communities and staff. As the years and business have progressed, we realised it was intrinsic to the direction we wanted to take the business in but didn’t know exactly how to do it.

“The consortium ethos and purpose were key motivators in our decision to join. We are delighted to become a part of such a unique and forward-thinking movement.”

Natasha Reynolds, Chieftain Roller at Rollerbeats, explained further:

“Skating is at the core of everything we do, but it is so much more! The Skate People (TSP) is dedicated to helping the people of Scotland realise their true potential through innovative Employment Pathway Programmes within the world of skating, as well as delivering exciting physical and mental fitness programmes which draw upon the disciplines of skating.

“With so many ideas coming to fruition in the coming months, I’m truly excited to be a part of this consortium! I believe the timing couldn’t be more perfect as we come out of lockdown. There is a real need for what we’ll be delivering. We eagerly anticipate the communities and people we serve benefiting from our initiatives and skating towards a happier, healthier future.”

Likewise, Falkirk Wheelers discussed their decision to join:

“It’s fantastic to be included in this coming together. Falkirk Wheelers has become so much more than we ever imagined. In the past, we’ve had a lot of requests for putting on more classes but didn’t have the resources to do so and there aren’t many other skating groups in the area to send people to.

“This partnership is great for our existing members to further develop their skills as there will be plenty of opportunities to become coaches for The Skate People for those who are interested.”

Although Falkirk Wheelers are now part of TSP, their name and distinctive logo will live on as they continue to be used by the inline hockey team and for all their multi-wheeled outdoor activities.

Gregor Watson, one of the founding members of Falkirk Wheelers, said:

“The merging of Rollerbeats and Falkirk Wheelers into The Skate People is the best thing to happen to Scottish skating in a long time. TSP will be relatively unknown to most people due to the restrictions placed on the information they can share because of the groups they’ve been working with. They’re probably the busiest skating organisation that nobody knows about!

“The addition of Rollerbeats and Falkirk Wheelers will now not only make these names more familiar but will also provide a public outlet for this great social enterprise with years of experience and knowledge both internally and from their partners and backers.

“All profits made by TSP are re-invested into the community, therefore, boosting skating even more while assisting other community projects and charities. Join our revolution!”

Some big plans are already in motion, starting with the Active Travel Initiative, in collaboration with Keep Scotland Beautiful — ready to roll out across Scotland as soon as restrictions are lifted. The initiative aims to teach people how to skate safely outdoors so they can use skating, not only for personal fitness but as a recognised form of green travel.

This is just the first of many exciting opportunities to come from the combined experience and resources of these progressive organisations as they work together to empower communities in Scotland to be happier and healthier moving forward.