Our Programmes

Skate to Success™

Teaching soft skills by stealth. Suitable for young people from ages 8 to 18. This is hugely successful with schools and youth groups.


An innovative programme designed to create the next generation of skating instructors with The Skate People. Ideal for anyone age 16+.

Be The Best You™

Developed for people going into the workplace for the first time or for anyone who has been out of work for a longer period. This involves a mix of soft, social and business skills.

Hey Bladies™

Research released that shows nearly 60% of girls aged 15 to 17 do little or no exercise. Our Hey Bladies programme has been proven to be a solution to that problem with girls burning around 600 calories/hour while having fun and no need for changing into any sports wear as school uniforms are ideal. Get in touch if you'd like to see this happen in your school.

Roller Sports

From traditional sports played on skates like roller hockey to the latest from the USA such as Rollerzone we do them all. We take all sports that are played in a sports hall but with the added fun of playing them on skates. From basketball to football we do them all. We're also working with a game inventor from the USA to bring some amazing new rollersports to Scotland.

Active Travel

Did you know that cycle lanes in other European countries also have welcome signs for rollerbladers with many people commuting on skates? We're on a mission to have rollerblading accepted as a form of active travel taught in all UK schools along with walking and cycling. If you'd like partner with us for this fantastic project then please get in touch as we'd like to have this delivered by 2023.

To date, our programmes have been attended by 388 individuals from ages 6 to 61. If you're a teacher, member of a PTA or community group and would like to know more about our innovitive programmes to create healthier bodies and minds then please contact us to find out more.